Autolite Breather Caps

Thoroughbred Quality 1968 – 1970 Chrome Autolite Breather Caps

Our Autolite chrome breather caps are the most correct breather caps available because we use original Autolite breather cap housings and replace everything else with NOS components.  This time consuming and expensive method was the only way to get a NOS quality breather cap. Both plastic and original replated square metal elbows are available.

We disassemble the breather cap, rechome the original housing and replace all other components including the base that should be bare steel for thoroughbred judging. During reassembly we align the Autolite stamping so it's shown when screwed on.  Availability limited to our stock of NOS components and original Autolite breather caps.  Prices vary greatly depending on the condition of the cap housing after restoration. 

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Autolite Breather Cap Facts

  • All 1968-70 Ford Autolite 3 stage breather caps are not alike. We have found only one of the two production breather cap designs came in both black paint and chrome (type A) and the other more common design came only in black paint (type B). With a relatively low run of chrome caps required for production it’s likely only one vendor tooled up for Chrome breather cap production. 
    How to tell the difference:
  • It’s very difficult to get the inside of used breather cap totally cleaned because they have 3 separate filter chambers. Here is what a used production Autolite breather cap looks like inside: CAP INTERNALS
  • 1968 1/2 and some early 1969 breather caps used a metal square elbow plated yellow zinc. 
  • Metuchen built Boss 302’s were delivered with black painted breather caps.

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