Restoration Resources


Scott Fuller Reproductions makes complete perfect concours correct exhaust systems for your 1965-1970 Mustang/Shelby.

Insta-Black 333 is a blackening agent really good for cast iron parts like your transmission case and other bare steel finishes.

David Kee is best toploader restoration service we know. 

Aldridge Motorsports specializes in rebuilding BOSS 429 engines but also has a large stock of used parts for BOSS 429 Mustangs.  We recommend him for BOSS 429 engine rebuilding and parts.

Terry Moore: 1960-1973 Fords, Mustang, Fairlane, Comet & high-performance Ford parts.  Located in Tempe AZ 480-941-6019.  

Troy White: NOS 1967-70 Parts  541-561-3477 cell/text  Email:

Vintage Auto Glass: Authorized Carlite dealer that sells glass for Mustang and Cougars with etched logo with date code at very good prices. Several of our customers have recommended them. 860-872-0018. Takes some time to get so plan accordingly.

Restoration Services

Armond Dagostini Restorations painted my 1969 CJ convertible and is a good friend doing great work!  Fun site to browse.

Apple Hydraulics Rebuilds master cylinders and other brake components.  We've had several of our customers use these guys and so far they have been happy.

Instruments Services, Inc can rebuild your factory gas tank sending unit. They can also repair and calibrate to original factory operating specifications.  No cosmetic restoration.  Clock and gauge rebuilding.  Clock kits.

Pampered Corvettes can rebuild your Ford clutch fan. We had some customers use this rebuilder with very good results.  They also seem to have a reasonable turn around time.

DSD Restorations can restore your factory suspension components, air cleaner, radiator cap, brake components, smog pump, shocks & starter solenoids.

Anghel Restorations specializing in 1969-70 Mustangs/Shelby restoration, suspension component restoration, master cylinder rebuilding, used parts, restored production original parts and detailed written appraisals and inspections.

O'Connor Ford Distributor Rebuilding and Restoration Service is a rebuilder of distributor vacuum advances and Carter X fuel pumps.  Customer recommended.  --currently closed--

Rhode Island Wiring Service will re-wrap your trunk wire harness and use the same thread color that your car came with.  Its best to send them the harness and let them unwrap your original harness so they can document how it was wrapped from the factory.  They will then test, clean, then rewrap it with the correct colored thread.

Brian McDivitt 740-922-9680 offers concours distributor vacuum advance, Ram Air vacuum motor (R & Q-code) & Carter fuel pump restoration.

Bill Herdon's Pony Warehouse offers concours distributor vacuum advance, Ram Air vacuum motor (R & Q-code)

Fred's Classics restores early Mustang/Shelby and 351C fuel pumps.  Phone 661-251-2362 Info provided by one of our customers. Note: We cannot recommend or not recommend this vendor since we have not used his services.

Valley Wheel Service can restore your Magnum 500 Wheels.  They are located in Van Nuys California: 818-785-7237 (Customer with a BOSS 429 highly recommended them).

The Rimblow Buddy restores steering wheels and has the best reproduction rimblow switches.

Python Restoration is the best seat belt restoration service we know.  They did the seat belts in 1970 BOSS 429 we restored so we know what their work looks like. Higher quality workmanship and more accurate than Snake Oil.

Interviews & Pictures

Chrysler Assembly Line Engineer Yes, I know it's not about building a Ford but it gives you first-hand account of what it took to build a car back then.  Chrysler had the same basic assembly methods so this might help explain why your car didn’t follow the assembly manual exactly. If anyone knows of an ex-Ford assembly line worker I sure would like to interview him or her.

Pictures of a NOS air cleaner shaker 

Pictures of a restored 1969 BOSS 302 Bob Perkins had done years ago.

Audio recorded interview with an ex-Ford assembly line employee.  Interviewed by Jack Brooks & Ed Meyer.

Convertible Top Pictures of an original production white convertible top.  Notice the pads on top of the trunk wheel wells. Thank you Ed Meyer.

Bob Perkins Restoration   shop is a great place to visit if you ever get the chance.  Bob is a contributing editor and technical advisor to Mustang Monthly, writer of The Resto Roundup column for Mustang Monthly Magazine, Bloomington Gold Survivor Zenith Judge (Ford products) and is the Mustang Club of America (MCA) Authenticity head judge.  His website also has many pictures of original cars, rare parts, and other cool stuff.  




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