1968 Tilt Wheel Vacuum Hose

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Description: Tilt Wheel Vacuum Hose
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar
Model Options: Tilt-Away steering wheel
Engineering #: N/A
Quantity: 12 feet (cut to fit)
Hose Specifications: .20" ID, .40" OD 
Made In: USA

Original Sample Provided By: Tim Lea

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

We reproduced the 1968 tilt wheel vacuum hose from original samples so it's the exact size and durometer (rubber hardness).  This means it won't kink or loose vacuum when exposed to hot underhood temperatures.  The white and green ink stripes match the original colors and widths.  Firewall grommet is not included.
Concours notes: We collected many original hoses over the years including some take-offs supplied by Tim Lea.  After inspecting all of them we found that this hose was made in several different thicknesses. We ended up selecting the smaller size of the hose samples we documented because it was the most common.  So if your original vacuum hose is slightly larger than this hose you have what we found to be the less common hose.  Sorry, we couldn't make every version. This hose is guaranteed to fit and function like a original hose.  

Install & care notes:
 Care is recommended when installing and never use solvents or petroleum based cleaning products to clean the hose. 
We recommend using water with dish soap to help the hose pass through the firewall grommet.
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