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1970 BOSS Magnum 500 Wheel Restoration

Year: 1970
Models: BOSS 302 & 429
Source: Armond of Dagostini Restorations

Armond needed to figure out the best way to restore an original set of 1970 BOSS 429 wheels for a good customer of his. He has sent many sets of rims to several companies over the years that promised to replate the chrome rim and satin chrome center correctly but he was always disappointed when he got the wheels back.

He eventually found Valley Wire Wheel Services in Van Nuys California 818-785-7237 (Mike) who worked with him to get the results he wanted. They separated the rim and centers. Sent the centers to Ogden Chrome for the correct satin chrome finish (see picture below). The rims were sent to a local shop for a regular chrome finish. Once the centers and rims were plated Mike reunited them at his shop in Van Nuys.

Once back at Armond's shop he taped off and painted the center sections. 

Some shops say they will do the restoration correctly with the satin centers etc but nobody has nailed it like Ogden Chrome and Valley Wire Wheel Services says Armond. 

Time: It will take several months to have this done so plan ahead
Cost: Expect to spend around $2,500 to $3,000 for everything
Black paint Armond used: DDL9295 house brand lacquer from TCP Global (semi-gloss finish)

1969 NOTES: The 1969 BOSS 429 rims had regular chrome centers, flat black paint and an orange paint code.