Gray Phosphate Plating Service (return shipping included)

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Description: Gray Phosphate Plating Service
Year: 1968-70

Model: Ford/Mercury
Turn around Time: 15-30 business days
Shipping Information: Return shipping included*

Jack's Comments:

Our gray phosphate rebuild service includes stripping your parts (rust, paint, grease etc) and then plating them with a even dark gray phosphate finish. We then carefully package your parts and ship it back to you via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail for international customers. Note: Parts shown have not been treated with oil so they will look lighter in color.

Phosphate plating service includes the following parts:

Hood hinges & springs
Hood latch & catch
Shock tower braces
Coil bracket
Distributor hold down bracket (390, 428 CJ only)
Misc small brackets and hardware

Ready for us to phosphate your parts?  Follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the purchase of the phosphate service online.  (You can also call or email us to place your order)

Step 2: Ship your parts to the address below. Make sure to include your contact information or print your paid online order invoice.
 Dead Nuts On
 Phosphate Service
 339 W Browning Ave
 Fresno, CA 93704

Shipping Tip: We recommend reinforce and pad any box you use and insure the parts for what you think its replacement value is.

Step 3: When your parts arrives we will inspect it and contact you to let you know we have your parts and if there is any condition issues.

Step 4: We will have your parts phosphated and ship them back to you via UPS Ground to the address you specified.  We will email you a UPS or USPS tracking number the same day its shipped.

Step 5: Unpack your parts and install. Tip: The factory would spray on white lithium grease on the hood hinge joints, hood latch, door & trunk hinges. You can get the same look with a aerosol can of white lithium grease found at most auto parts & hardware stores.

*Return shipping included in the price for lower 48 United States only. Contact us if you are outside the USA for a return shipping quote.

Questions and Answers:
Q: Do I get my the same parts I send you back?
A: Yes, we track each part you send us all the way through the replating process so we can guarantee you will get your parts back.
Q: What should I insure the parts for when I'm sending it to you?
A: You should insure it for the what you think the parts would cost to replace.  If you need help with this email us.
Q: Can I send you other parts not on your list?
A: Yes, if have some bolts or small parts there is no extra charge. If you add an extra hood latch etc it will cost a extra. Contact us for a quote.
Q: Do you phosphate leaf springs?
A: No, phosphating leaf springs can cause them to crack. We don't recommend it.
Q: What can I do to protect my parts from rusting?
A: You can use your favorite rust prevention oil on them to protect them from rusting. We do not recommend clear coat paints.


* Free return shipping included for the lower 48 states only. Contact us for a quote for all other destinations.

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