Manual Choke Cable Sleeve Crimp Clamp

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Description: Manual Choke Cable Sleeve Crimp Clamp
Year: 1968-70
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Model Options: Mustang, Shelby, Ford Mercury
Engine: BOSS 302, 1970 428 CJ, 1970 428SCJ, BOSS 429
Factory: San Jose, Dearborn, Metuchen
Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is a new reproduction of the crimp clamp that secured the rubber or vinyl manual choke cable cable sleeve. Made in America by a fellow Mustang owner who needed this part for his car.

On survivor cars have seen this clamp installed right at the very end of the sleeve and anywhere within the last three inches of the sleeve.

Concours Notes:
This clamp is aluminum, originals are steel. Originals had a cross split (see pictures) and this version does not. It's not an exact copy for sure but its so small once crimped in place it really looks like an original.

Common Applications:
1968 Mustang 428 CJ
1969 BOSS 429
1970 BOSS 302
1970 428 Cobra Jet (including factory-converted 1970 Shelby)
1970 428 Super Cobra Jet (including factory-converted 1970 Shelby)

Install Notes:
Install the rubber or vinyl choke sleeve on cable. Slip this ring over cable sleeve and located it in the correct location (see pictures of originals below). Then crimp in place with some mig-welding 
pliers. You can find these pliers at most hardware tool stores like Harbor Freight.


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