1969 BOSS 302 Production Original Alternator Pulley

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Year: 1969
Model: BOSS 302
Condition: Replated production original
Size: 2.88" OD

Finish: Zinc dichromate
Engineering #: C5AF-10A352-L

Jack's Coments:

This is a what we believe to be the correct production 1969 BOSS 302 pulley for the C6AF-10300-A die stamped 42 amp alternator. The C5AF-10A352-L engineering could be on the front (least common see last picture) or the back of the pulley. The one shown in pictures one and two has the engineering number stamped on the back. The reproduction 2.62" single sheave pulley made today to replace this pulley is a smaller diameter, not die stamped and it doesn't look exactly like the originals but its the best pulley available.

Most 1969 BOSS 302 owners believe that their car came from the factory with the 55 Amp C9ZF-10300-E die stamped alternator and the large 3.87" C5AF-10A352-H pulley. Research by Bob Perkins indicate they all 1969 BOSS 302's came from the factory with the 42 Amp C6AF-10300-A Autolite alternator and the 2.88" C5AF-10A352-L pulley. Bob did leave the possibility that only really late production 1969 BOSS 302's had the 55 Amp C9ZF-10300-E with the large 3.87" C5AF-10A352-H pulley. Heavy Duty Battery option still gets the 42 Amp alternator.

If you have any information or documentation you would like to share please send us an email. We will update this webpage and give you credit.

Picture 3: 1969 BOSS 302 alternator shown was build by us for the 1969 BOSS 302 display engine at Anghel's Restorations 2017 open house.

Picture 4: NOS service replacement pulley thats made a slightly different from the production pulley in pictures 1 and 2.

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