Driveshaft Rust Prevention Options

Rust can be an issue depending on your climate and on how you use your car. Before shipping your driveshaft we applied a light coat of anti-corrosion oil that will protect the finish for only a few months. If you want your driveshaft to stay rust free long term you will have to do something to protect it.

    If you have to wait to install your driveshaft remove it from its packaging and use one of the options below to protect it. Once protected store it in a dry location.
    Wear gloves when handling the bare metal surfaces of the driveshaft. Bare hands = rust

The most popular option for Concours show cars is to coat bare metal parts with rust prevention oil before installing and reapply every so often depending on your climate. There are many rust prevention oil treatments available on the market so do your research for what works best for your climate. In the past we have recommended BoShield T9 rust prevention spray but after recently reading a post a gun enthusiast performed I have considered other options (see link to the test below). 

Link to corrosion test

WD-40 Specialist Corrosion Inhibitor
Frog Lube
Hornady One Shot

5-20-20 UPDATE: WD-40 Specialist Corrosion Inhibitor is not the regular WD-40 found everywhere. I found it on Amazon but I'm sure it could be found at your local specialty hardware store. It will be my first to test on my updated 428 CJ Convertible driveshaft. I will update the website as my personal test progresses. ~Jack

Note: Some rust prevention treatments like BoShield T9 can soften the oil based paint code stripes. It's a good idea to wipe off any rust prevention treatment from all paint stripes after application.

Clear coat paint remains the most popular option for driven vehicles. Several coats of a catalyzed automotive grade semi-gloss or satin clear coat paint is a good choice. If you don't have a way to mix and spray catalyzed paint we suggest using Eastwood's Diamond Clear Satin Aerosol 16106Z. It comes in a aerosol spray can so it's easy to use. Once applied you can hardly tell your driveshaft was clear coated. Make sure you follow each manufacturers recommend paint prep procedures to remove oil and contaminants.

RPM Rust Prevention Magic is a new option. This is a new product that comes in a paste thats brushed on after the metal is heated to approximately 150 degrees. The heating can be achieved with a heat gun, really big oven or in the summer we suggest setting the driveshaft out on your driveway or inside a truck bed in full sun for a couple of hours. RPM Application Tips


What if I get some light surface rust on my driveshaft?

OPTION 1) If the rust is very light we use #0000 steel wool with plenty of WD-40. You can scrub pretty hard without changing the bare metal finish. If this doesn't work move to option 2 after removing the WD-40.

OPTION 2) Wet #0000 steel wool with Evapo-Rust or equivalent rust removing product. Very lightly scrub the rusty area then wait a few minutes and scrub again. Keep the area wet while in between lightly scrubbing. This is a slow procedure so be patient. After the rust is removed you may have to apply the rust remover to the rest of the tube or area with a rag to even the finish. After your happy with the finish remove all the Evapo-Rust and use one of the options described above to protect the bare metal going forward.