10 Blade Alternator Cooling Fan (from 11/17/69)

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Description: 10 Blade Alternator Cooling Fan
 1970-1986 (From 11/17/1969)
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Part #: DOAZ-10A310-B
Date Range: Production starting 11/17/1969 thru 1986
Quantity: 1
Plating: Zinc Dichromate

Accuracy Rating: 8
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

Ford Autolite changed from the 13 blade fan to the 10 blade fan on November 17, 1969 according to the Ford Master Parts Catalog. Depending on the Ford factory inventory turn your car could have come from the factory with a 13 or 10 blade fan for a little after the change over date.
Concours Notes:
1) This reproduction fan is the best available but I to give it an 8 rating for accuracy since its has the slightly different later seventies pattern.
2) Ford changed to the 10 fan to reduce noise.
3) Originals also had a small die stamped U inside a circle on one of the forward facing fan blades. This stamp is covered over with the large 3.87" BOSS 302/429 oversized pulley installed.

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