13 Blade Alternator Cooling Fan (Late 1966 thru 11/17/69)

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Description: 13 Blade Alternator Cooling Fan
 Late 1966 thru 11/17/1969
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Part #: C5AZ-10A310-B
Date Range: 1967 production until 11/17/1969 (see concours notes)
Quantity: 1
Plating: Zinc Dichromate
Dimensions: 11/16" I.D. X 5 1/2" O.D.
Manufacture: Dead Nuts On

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is our exact reproduction of the 13 alternator cooling fan. We even made sure it had the vendor stamp just like all the production originals came with. Used with 5/32" spacer.

Concours Notes:
1) Ford Autolite changed the finish on their fans from dipped gloss black paint to zinc dichromate around the end of 1966 production but no change over date was specified in the Ford MPC. We do know several survivor very late 1966 production alternators we restored over the years had the zinc dichromate finish. Bob Perkins has also seen the zinc dichromate fan on some very late 1966 production cars. We did find that the pulley changed over to zinc dichromate much earlier than the fan did in 1966. We would suggest that unless your car was produced in the last weeks of 1966 production it would have had the black fan from the factory.
2) The MPC notes the change from the C5AZ-10A310-B 13 blade fan to the DOAZ-10A310-B 10 blade fan on 11/17/69. You may see 13 blade fans on cars produced a little after 11/17/69 depending on how fast the factory inventory turn over took place.
2) Our reproduction fan also has the vendor stamp (U inside a circle) just like the production originals.
3) This fan requires a spacer.

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