1965-66 Hipo 289 Alternator Pulley C5AF-10A352-H Black

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Description: 289 High Performance Alternator Pulley BLACK
Year: 1965-66
Model: All 289 HiPo equipped Mustang, Shelby & all Ford/Mercury
Production date specific: YES, cars built after January 3, 1965 > later 1966 production
Engineering # Stamped On Pulley: C5AF-10A352-H 
Service #: C5AZ-10344-H 

Finish:: Semi-gloss black paint (finish confirmed by Bob Perkins & Brant Halterman)
Dimensions: 3.78" OD
Returns: 365 Days 

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is a very accurate reproduction that is correct for all 1965 Hipo 289's built after January 3, 1965 and all of 1966 production. It does have the engineering number stamped on front face like the originals. How can I tell this reproduction from an original? The only difference is how perfect it is since it was CNC machined. Originals had been machined on crude template guided lathes that imparted a noticeable unevenly depth-ed spiral line from when the cutting bit was backed off the front face.

Concours Notes:
1) At this time we cannot 100% verify this pulley was originally painted, plated black or both. We have seen original examples with flaking paint and some with a finish thats looks like black zinc. Research continues.
2) To help you determine what pulley/fan finish is correct for your car we have documented several confirmed survivor cars below:

Documented Original Mustangs from Bob Perkins Collection:
Black Fan, Black pulley March 9,1966 289 4V Dearborn built 6,000 miles
Black Fan, Yellow zinc pulley April 1,1966 Hipo 289 Dearborn built low mile survivor
Black Fan, Yellow zinc pulley June 6, 1966 289 2V Dearborn built 54 miles

Other documented original fans and pulleys:
Blue Fan, Black pulley November 12,1965 6-cylinder Dearborn 33,000 mile
Black Fan, Black pulley Feb 19, 1966 289 Hipo San Jose very low mile survivor

3) If your car was built late in 1966 production this pulley would have a zinc dichromate finish.
4) The only reason this pulley is not rated a 10 for accuracy is because the originals were machined with crude early versions of CNC equipment. These crude machines produced pulleys with uneven surfaces and random swirls left on the face of the pulley as the cutting edge was pulled away. The new CNC manufactured reproductions are so perfect compared to the originals they can be pretty easy to spot.
Do you have more information about this pulley? Please send us an email and we will post your findings.

Other Applications:

Comet Cyclone

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