1965-66 Single Sheave Alternator Pulley Ford Corporate Blue

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Year: Late 1965 thru early 1966 production
Model: All alternators with single sheave pulley (excluding 289HP)
Condition: New reproduction
Size: 2.62" OD

Finish: Ford Corporate Blue
Engineering #: Not stamped

Accuracy rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Coments:

This is a very good reproduction of the Ford Corporate Blue single pulley for most single sheaved equipped alternators produced from late 1965 until early 1966.  This color is considered uncommon since most alternator pulleys had a semi-gloss black painted finish during this period. This reproduction doesn't have any engineering numbers stamped on the back of it like most of the originals did and some radiuses are not exact but its the best available by far.

Concours Notes:
Its hard to believe that late 1965 and early 1966 production alternators could have came from the factory with Ford Corp blue fans and or pulleys but its true.  There is solid evidence of Ford Corp blue fan and pulley on standard 289's in vintage production line color photographs.  I've also seen many of the blue fans and pulleys on original alternators sent to me for restoration over the years so we do know they exist. The thing is I've never met an owner that was happy to find out their car came with a blue fan and or pulley since it's not the best looking combination.  I usually advise customers to go with the semi-gloss black fan and pulley unless the original alternator that was taken off their car had a blue fan and or pulley.  The best way and sometimes only way to tell if your original fan was blue is to take it off and inspect the area protected by the pulley. I wish I could be more help but as the research develops I will update this page.  Please help me by forwarding any documentation you have so I can add it to the database.

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