1967-70 Leaf Spring Clamp Set | ROUND HOLE

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Description: Leaf Spring Clamp Set | ROUND HOLE
Year: 1967-1970 

Model: Shelby, Mustang
Dimensions: 2.5" wide
Finish: Bare cold rolled steel

Quantity: 1 set (6 pieces)

Accuracy Rating: 8
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This a full set of least common leaf spring clamps with a round hole commonly found on 1969-70 Shelbys. Most but not all Mustangs had a square hole leaf spring clamp. Made in USA in small production runs.

Concours notes:
1) They are bare steel just like the originals.
2) Some suspect the lower production cars like the Shelby were put together by a specialty division of the leaf spring facility that used this round hole version.
3) These clamps were laser cut vs punch die so the sides have soft fine horizontal lines vs a torn look from being punched out of a die. This is why we gave them an eight rating on accuracy otherwise we would have given them a ten.

Round hole leaf spring sighting: A customer has informed us his 1970 Metuchen built 428 CJ MACH 1 with an early September 1969 build date had round hole clamps. He also noted the car was an unrestored original car parked in 1978.

Install Notes:
1) Take pictures of both springs before you take them apart so you have an idea of how to put them back together.
2) Once the tabs are bent to install they will most likely will not be able to be bent back without cracking.
3) C clamps are a good way to hold the clamp in place before bending the tab over with a sledge hammer. This will insure you will get them on tight as possible. Here is a link to a Concours Mustang Forum post discussing the install.




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