Leaf Spring Clamp Set

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Year: 1965-1973
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Leaf Spring Width: 2.5" wide 
Finish: Bare Steel

Quantity: 1 set of 6 clamps (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: Yes

Jack's Comments:

If you are restoring your original leaf springs this kit has all the common sized clamps. They are stamped from a die and are bare steel just like the production originals.

Although this kit has the most common clamp sizes we suggest you check your cars clamps to make sure this kit has all the clamp sizes your specific car needs. See notes below for specific applications.

1967 Shelby Notes: 
A good customer has reported the 1967 Shelby GT350 he has used the square opening clamp but didn't have enough clamps. He said the original springs he had taken apart had two small and one large clamp on each spring. This kit comes with one small, one medium and one large. This kit is not available from our supplier with this unique combination of clamps so we had to suggest buying two kits. (see last picture showing this unique clamp combination)

1965-66 Shelbys & 1969-70 Shelby Round Hole Clamp Notes: 
Some Ford leaf springs came with clamps with round openings not square. We have seen them mostly on 1965-66 Shelbys & 1969-70 Shelbys. The last picture shows a round hole opening clamps on a survivor 1969 Shelby GT350. We do not stock this round opening version SKU#SU1031. If you have any information on this please contact us so we can update this information. ~Jack

Round hole leaf spring sighting:
A customer has informed us his 1970 Metuchen built Dearborn built 428 CJ MACH 1 with an early September 11, 1969 build date had round hole clamps. He also noted the car was an unrestored original car parked in 1978.

Leaf Spring Restoration Notes:
How did I restore my original springs? Well, everyone has their own methods but I did it this way. 1) Disassemble the spring set to get them down to individual springs. Sand blast them down to bare steel. 2) Wire wheel all surfaces evenly. 3) Wipe sections with heavy amounts of gun blue solution until you get an even dark finish and let completely dry. 4) Use dirty motor oil to coat all surfaces and let sit overnight. 5) Wipe off excess motor oil and assemble. We have also had customers who say the product Rust911 will remove all the rust and the finish is left a dark gray color.

TIP: Take pictures of both springs before you take them apart so you have an idea how to put them back together. Learn how to apply the gun blue evenly on the areas of the springs you don’t see when they are assembled.

TIP from customer: Spray on the gun bluing solution to get an even finish.

Tip from customer: Disable the springs. Clean the springs the best you can with a wire wheel and then leave them overnight in Rust911. The rust is removed and the finish is now a dark gray. Apply oil and assemble.


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