1968-70 Breather Cap Hose

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Description: Breather Cap to Air Cleaner Hose (with date code)
Model: Mustang, Shelby (except 1968 Shelby & BOSS 429)
Model Options: All
Engine: 302, 1969 BOSS 302, 351W, 351C*, 390, 428 CJ, 428SCJ
Transmission Type: All
Factory: All
Quantity: 1 (cut to fit hose)
Date Codes: 10-25-67, 2-29-68, 6-25-68, 10-25-68, 12-5-68, 2-25-69, 6-26-69, 8-26-69, 10-28-69, 1-26-70

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is our dead nuts on breather cap to air cleaner with manufacture and date code. First letter is the manufacture code, next two number is the month, next two numbers is the day of the month and the last number is the last number of the year. Example: D102567 is October 25, 1967. You should select a date around a month to two months before your cars production date. I would not select a date closer than two weeks before your cars production date.

This hose is not a 5/8" heater hose that will swell up when exposed to gas vapor and oil. This hose itself is supplied from the OE supplier to Ford and we apply the two date codes with OE quality ink.

This hose is cut to the same length as verified originals that are (+-)13.25".

*1970 351C cut hose to fit

Made in USA

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