1969-70 351W Water Pump Rebuild Kit

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Description: 351W Water Pump Rebuild Kit
Year: 1969-70
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Engine: 351W 2V, 351W 4V
Casting No.: C8OE-D
What you get in the kit: 1 bearing, 1 seal, 1 gasket set, 1 fan hub

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is everything you need to rebuild your Ford 351W water pump. The bearing is made with an outside diameter slightly oversized to achieve a tight press fit. You will need a press and the right press accessories to install the seal without damaging it. No instructions included. Two gaskets are included in each kit

NOTE: If the seal looks a little different than your original, it is because it's a new & improved longer-lasting double seal version.

Other parts you may need:
-351W Heater Hose tubes
-Service impeller
-BOSS 302 impeller

Install Tips:
-Use a little Permatex Form-a-Gasket #1 to help seal the water pump bearing and seal to housing.
-Measure your hub and impeller locations before removing.
-Make sure the seal does not make contact with the impeller when installed.  (see Q/A's below for more information)

Check out this YouTube video that shows a tractor water pump being rebuilt with the same type of bearing and seal.

Q: When I installed the impeller it bottomed out on the seal just short of the depth that was required. Does the impeller make contact with the seal? What should I do?
A: No, it should never contact the impeller. Your original pump must have had the old style single seal that is thinner than the double seal that is with our kit. At the shop we handle this putting the impeller in a lathe and removing just enough of the cast impeller so it doesn't touch the seal and still installs at the correct depth. This will not affect the impeller performance. It's also OK to not have the shaft install completely into the impeller hub. As long as its at least 3/4 the way in the impeller hub it will work without any problems.
Q: I cracked my housing on my small block Ford water pump when I removed the original bearing. What could I have done to prevent this?
A: Really not much, if the bearing is rusted in place you can try heating the housing hub a little before trying to press it out. The hub on a small block water pump bearing hub is very thin in some areas depending on how it was machined and its not uncommon to have it crack when removing the bearing. NOTE: We always suggest you use a professional to install your bearing kit and always use safety guards when using a press.
Q: I removed the hub without measuring its location first. Can you tell me how to install it again in the right location?
A: The distance from the housing bearing hub to the fan hub face is normally 1 inch.


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