1969-70 Autolite Radiator Cap | Dearborn Plant

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Description: Autolite Radiator Cap | Dearborn Plant
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Tornio, Ford, Mercury
Model Options: All

Part #: RS-12
Pound Rating: 13
Quantity: 1
Date Code: None
Finish: Zinc

Accuracy Rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the best reproduction Dearborn radiator cap available on the market today but its really not that accurate. One of the problems with the current reproduction is it comes with a very bright shinny zinc finish so its very easy to identify as a reproduction. To make it look more like an original production cap we modifying the zinc finish so it looks very close to the original production cap. We would love to see a more accurate reproduction but this version is the best we can do for now.

We have compared an unaltered bright finished reproduction cap to an original in our factoid section (scroll down after clicking on link). You will see that the cap has a chrome like zinc finish and the die stamped letters and arrows are not very true to the original production cap.

Concours Notes:
The Dearborn Autolite radiator cap came on all 1969-70 Ford/Mercury cars, including all Shelbys, BOSS 302's and BOSS 429's built at the Dearborn Michigan plant. The only exception is 390, 428 Cobra Jet cars with chrome valve covers.

This is one of several parts that are considered plant-specific. Ford had several vendors for each common critical part and sometimes the vendor closest to the plant became that plant's sole supplier if they were able to keep up with that plant's needs. Originals are nearly impossible to locate and are crazy expensive. When we have found originals in good condition we have sold them between $500-$650 after restoration (mostly to BOSS 429 customers).


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