1969-70 Automatic Shifter Wire Lead Fabric Sheathing

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Description: Automatic Shifter Wire Lead Fabric Sheathing
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar
Engine: 200, 250, 302 std, 390, 428 CJ, 428 SCJ
Options: Automatic Transmission

Length: 36" (cut to fit)
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Jack's Comments:

This is the exact same coated woven fabric sheathing Ford used to protect the shifter light wire.

How I would install the new sheathing?:
Pull the existing sheathing back from the shifter end and cut the wire in an area that would be only exposed if you compressed the sheathing. The idea is to make the splice in a section of the wire that will be covered once the sheathing is relaxed. Remove the existing sheathing. Put shrink tubing over wire then splice wires weaving the exposed wires together then solder. Pull the shrink wrap over soldered connection and apply heat. Release the compressed sheathing. Your done. I'm sure there is a better way but this is how I would do it.

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