1969-70 Front Bumper Support Gravel Pan Anti-Rattle Rubber Insulators

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Description: Front Bumper Support Gravel Pan Anti-Rattle Rubber Insulators
Model: Mustang
Body: All

Quantity: 2

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES OF THIS VERSION

Jack's Comments:

This is the small rubber insulator that was put on to keep the front bumper support from rattling against the gravel pan. These rubber pieces were installed before the front bumper and gravel pan to eliminate potential rattles if they were close to each other after final adjustment. Most fell off if they didn't get pinched between the bumper bracket and gravel pan.

There are several versions we have documented on 1969-70 Mustangs. It turns out we reproduced the least common version before knowing of the other more common versions. There are other slightly different versions but once installed the small differences would not be noticeable in our opinion.

Install Tip: Use rubber cement or some other clear glue to hold them in place. Otherwise they may fall off just like the originals almost always did.

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