1969-70 Lower Steering Column Nylon Tube Bearing

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Description: Lower Steering Column Nylon Tube Bearing
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford, Mercury
Model Options: All
Engine: All
Transmission Type: All
Part #: C9AZ-7347-A
Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is an exact reproduction of the lower steering nylon column tube bearing that was used to stabilize the lower end of the steering column.  It installs at a the end of the steering column tube end seen just above the rag joint in the engine compartment. These are almost always missing or cracked. If your restoring your steering column and you have it out of the car its easy to install.

Q: Does the steering shaft ride on this bearing?
A: The steering shaft does not normally contact this nylon bearing when the steering column is fully installed. Its only job is to eliminate a potential steel to steel grinding sound between the steering shaft tube and the steering shaft if the steering column was adjusted or flexed to its outer range.

NOTE: You do have to remove the steering column rod to install this nylon bearing.


Other know applications:

1969 - 1970 Ford Galaxie and LTD; Mercury Marquis, Marauder, and Monterey (car line A)
1969 - 1970 Ford Fairlane and Torino (car line B)
1969 - 1970 Ford Falcon (car lines X and B)
1970 Ford Maverick (car line P)
1969 - 1970 Mercury Comet and Montego (car line C)
1969 - 1970 Mercury Meteor (car line Y)

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