1969-70 Shelby Trunk Taillight Boards (R/L)

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Description: Trunk tail lamp filler boards
Model: Shelby
Model Options: All

Quantity: 1 set R/L
Finish: Factory identical blue/gray paint (trunk side), black panel board (inside)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

We used a verified original production set of tail lamp filler boards from a 30,000 mile Shelby Jim Cowles was restoring.  We had the paint matched, cut out die made to exact dimensions and even had the small round FP stamp made (see pictures).  The most important thing we wanted to get right was to have the board bend properly when it's installed.  We did this by using the right type and thickness of material.  The end result is a panel that installs easily as it should with the proper curve.  Pictures of the original panel boards we copied:   Panel board 1  Panel board 2  

We also sell the special hardware needed to install these panels correctly.

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