1969-71 Torino Windshield Washer Reservoir Bottle C9OZ-17618-B

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Description: Torino Windshield Washer Reservoir Bottle
Model: Torino, Ranchero, Fairlane, Montego, Comet 
Ford Part #: C9OZ-1718-B
Whats not included: Lid/cap (not currently reproduced), electric pump
Quantity: 1
Made In: USA

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is a really good reproduction of the reservoir tank seen on numerous late sixties and early seventies mid-sized Fords and Mercurys.

It has the correct opaque shade and your original lid/cap will fit just like your original Ford bottle did (no modifications needed). Made in USA


1969 Comet
1969-70 Fairlane
1969-71 Montego
1969-71 Torino
1969-71 Ranchero
1969-71 Cyclone
1969.5-74 Maverick

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