1969 BOSS 302 Alternator Smog Pump Mounting Bracket

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Description: BOSS 302 Cast Iron Alternator Smog Pump Mounting Bracket
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Model Options: BOSS 302
Engine: BOSS 302
Casting: C9ZE-9B450-B

Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is best and only reproduction of the unique 1969 BOSS 302 alternator and smog pump cast iron mounting bracket. Since its the only available reproduction right now the price is not cheap.

Paint Information: We painted it Ford blue for taking pictures but it will be delivered bare cast iron.

Concours Notes:
We have added several pictures of this a bracket from a customers April built 1969 BOSS 302 one owner survivor. You can clearly see were the OK stamp was applied on the bracket and its size. He also said the front of the drivers side valve cover had the same sized stamp just below the ID tag.

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