1969 Tire Pressure Decal | EARLY MID-YEAR

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Description: Tire Pressure Decal | Early to Mid-year
Model: Mustang
Version: Early to mid-year with Bandito listed
Engine: ALL Except BOSS 429
Transmission Type: All
Factory: Dearborn, Metuchen, San Jose
Engineering #: C9ZA-1532-B
Quantity: 1 decal
Date Code: None
Tag Location: Door Jam (see below for more details)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

For 1969 Mustangs, This tag located on the driver door jam area (see pictures).

Bandido Notes:
The Bandito model was scheduled to be in the line by early spring 1969 but it was never produced. This Bandito 250 6-cylinder model only shows up on the inflation door tags until the middle of production (no exact dates known). It was dropped from the door tag later in the production year.

Verified decals found on unrestored survivors:
11/14/68 Mustang Mach 1, San Jose Plant
1/20/69 1969 Convertible, Metuchen Plant
1/24/69 1969 Convertible, Dearborn Plant
2/26/69 1969 Coupe, San Jose Plant

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