1970 BOSS 302 Alternator Mounting Hardware Kit w/spacer

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Year: 1970
Model: Mustang & Cougar
Engine: BOSS 302

Jack's Comments:

This is a very accurate 1970 BOSS 302 alternator hardware kit with correct spacer. This kit has a mix of NOS Ford and reproduction hardware.

Concours Notes: The clear anodized spacer is correct for 1970 BOSS 302's in our opinion. We have found four BOSS 302's survivors that had their original alternators. All of them had a 1.44" clear anodized spacer. One of the four is a local BOSS 302 that also had its original alternator. We inspected the spacer closely including inside the bolt hole and didn't find any trace of yellow.

Anodized colored finishes will fade in time when exposed to sunlight but you would expect to see some trace of the gold anodized finish inside the bolt hole. The 1969 BOSS 302 alternator used a gold spacer but its length is longer at 1.64".

With all that said we don't know everything. If you have evidence of the spacers original color please contact us and we will publish your findings.

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