1970 Brake Booster Hose w/clamps (date coded) GATES

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Description: Brake Booster Hose with Spring Clamps
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Engine: All with power brakes except 250 six cylinders and BOSS 429
Engineering #: B9SS-2A047-A
Quantity: 2 hoses, 4 spring clamps
Hose Length: 17.75 inches for all engines (booster to vacuum tree)
Hose Length: 12 inches - cut to fit - (BOSS 302 is 10.75")
Date Codes: 5-2-69, 6-9-69, 8-18-69, 10-22-69, 12-15-69, 2-12-70 & 5-19-70

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This hose is the least common hose used in 1970.  If your not sure this is the hose your car came equipped with I would buy the KV (Type 1) hose.  Ford engineers specified one brake booster hose (B9SS-2A047-A) supplied from multiple vendors for all Mustang/Shelby engines (except Boss 429 and 250) to go from the booster to the firewall vacuum tree. They used a cut to fit hose from the vacuum tree to the intake. 

Concours Note: We verified an original Gates brake booster hose from an early 1970 BOSS 302 with a production date of September 24, 1969 had a Gates hose with a G06279 (June 27,1969) date code on the hose.  This is apprx 3 months before the cars production.

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