1970 Brake Booster Hose w/clamps KV

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Description: Brake Booster Hose with Spring Clamps
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Engine: All with power brakes except 250 six cylinders and BOSS 429
Engineering #: B9SS-2A047-A
Quantity: 2 hoses, 4 spring clamps
Hose Length: 17.75 inches for all engines, booster to vacuum tree
Hose Length: 12 inches - cut to fit - (BOSS 302 is 10.75")

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This hose is the most common hose used during 1970 production at all factories. Our research shows Ford made this secondary supplier in 1969 the primary supplier for booster hoses in 1970 dropping Gates to the secondary supplier. In 1971 Gates became the primary supplier of booster hoses again. It turns out this was typical of how Ford worked with their suppliers back then. I would recommend you purchase this hose if you’re not sure what type of booster hose your 1970 Mustang/Cougar originally came equipped with because it’s by far the most common hose used.

Concours Notes:
The repro clamps provided are just like the originals but the tong ends are shorter and more rounded so you don't remove your knuckles when working on your car. If you have your original knuckle buster clamps paint them semi-flat black and reuse them.

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