1970 Mustang Hood Lip Molding Support

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Description: 1970 Mustang Hood Lip Molding Support
Model: Mustang
Finish: Low-gloss black powder coat paint
Service #: D0ZZ-16C694-A
Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the best reproduction of the difficult to find 1970 Mustang hood peak molding support. The 1970 hood peak molding was smaller and not as strong as the 1969 molding so Ford engineers decided to add this thin bracket behind the molding to help support it. It was held in place with three pop rivets then the bright anodized aluminum molding was installed. Originals were galvanized then painted low-gloss black. This reproduction is powder coated low-gloss black for rust protection and durability.

Judges will always look for this molding since it's commonly missing. There is another imported reproduction of this molding support that has a really big lip so its easy to spot by judges and doesn't fit worth a crap.

Concours Notes:
Ford also made another version of this molding with a stronger rolled lip. This is not that version. It's the version that has a simple tiny 90 degree lip.

Installation Notes: 
This molding fits between the leading edge of the hood and the bright hood trim molding and is held in place with three 3/32" pop rivets (the holes are 1/8" in diameter, but the powder coating and manufacturing tolerances may make it difficult to install a 1/8" rivet).

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