2" Exhaust Tailpipe Band Clamp

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Description: 2" Exhaust Tailpipe Band Clamp
Year: 1967-1969

Model: Mustang, Cougar, Shelby GT350
Condition: New
Quantity: 1 (Two per car required)
Finish: Bare steel (band), Black phosphate (screw)

Jack's Comments:

Exact reproduction of the tailpipe band clamps used on all Mustangs, Shelby GT350 and Cougars with 2-inch exhaust. Dual-width band clamp with correct dark phosphate indented-head screw. “8A” and “P” stamped into the clamp - exactly like the originals. Nothing laser cut - stamped steel just like Ford did it. See the second picture on how to correctly index these clamps on 1969 Mustangs (see Chassis assembly manual for other years). This is not the same inexpensive clamp NPD sells that doesn’t have the correct screw, finish, stampings, and distorts badly when you tighten down.

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