3/4" Cloth Wire Harness Assembly Tape

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Description: Wire Harness Cloth Tape 3/4"
Width: 3/4", 1.9 cm
Common Use: Wire harness wrap and terminations

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This tape was used to attach the windshield wiper motor loom clip, wire harness wrap on some sub assemblies like the standard Mach 1 hood scoop wire harness, and terminate the ends of the 1" non-stick wire harness wrap on some harnesses. Both sides of this tape have just a small amount of sticky stuff vs. the heavy amounts found on common electricians friction tape. This means the fabric shows through more like the original, attracts less dust, and is easier to use.

0.50" Wide Applications:  You will have to cut this tape length wise for 0.50" wide applications, like the windshield washer motor harness, since this tape is only available in this width.

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