428 CJ Engine Lift Hooks

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Description: 428 CJ Engine Lift Hooks
 1969 - 1970
Model: Mustang, Cougar, Shelby, Torino, Ford, Mercury
Engine: 428 CJ, 428 SCJ
Engineering #: C8OE-17K004-B
Finish: Ford Corp Blue Paint
Quantity: 1 pair

Accuracy Rating: 6
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the best set of reproduction 428 Cobra Jet lift hooks that are available. With that said they are not a perfect reproduction but the best available (see concours notes below). They come painted Ford Corporate Blue. No install hardware included.

Install Tip:
The AMK exhaust manifold hardware kit comes with everything you need to attach these lift hooks except for extra bolt for the passenger side #7 exhaust port (see related parts below).

Concours Notes:
1) Original C8OE-17K004-B lift hooks had FORD oval die stamp to the right of the engineering number. This set does not have that stamp. See pictures comparisons we show below. More information on the 428 Cobra Jet Registry

2) These lift hooks are laser cut not cut out with a tooled die stamp. You can see an uneven and torn look on the edge of metal thats die stamped. Laser cut metal is even and clean (see last picture). Yes, this is a small detail that is hard to see when installed but I wanted to make sure you understand what you are getting. 

3) Not correct for the early built 1968.5 Cobra Jet Mustangs that used the slightly different C8OE-17K004-A lift hook. Unfortunately the C8OE-17K004-A hook has not been reproduced.

4) 428 CJ engines were painted Ford Corporate Blue without the exhaust manifolds attached. The lift hooks were painted (dipped most likely) separately with the same Ford Corp Blue paint as the engine.

5) The small triangle bracket is reversed vs most production originals. It will fit and look the part without any problems but may be noticed by a sharp eyed judge. See pictures below comparing this part to an original.

6) The small triangle bracket holes are too small. You will have to file or drill them slightly larger to have it fit.


Related Parts:
Bolt that is used to attach the lift hook to the passenger #7 port exhaust manifold (see related parts below).

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