428 CJ Thermactor Emissions Tubes

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Description: 428 CJ Thermactor Emissions Tubes
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Tornio, Ranchero, Ford, Mercury
Engine: 390 GT, 427, 428 CJ, 428 SCJ
Options: Thermactor emission control equipment (smog)
Drivers Side Service Part #: C9ZZ-9B445-A 
Drivers Side Engineering #: C9ZE-9B445-A
Passenger Side Service Part #: C9ZZ-9B445-B
Passenger Side Engineering #: C9ZE-9B446-A

Finish: Ford Corporate Blue (high-temp paint)

Quantity: 1 set

Accuracy Rating: 8
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is a very good reproduction of the 1969-70 428 CJ smog emissions thermactor manifolds. We choose to only stock this set because we believe its the most accurate version available on the market.

What makes this set better than the cheaper version:
The dimpled area on the large tubes surrounding of the small individual cylinder tubes is just like the originals (very noticeable)
The four spot weld dimples on the drivers large tube strap
Shape of strap connected to the long tube
How accurate the check valve fittings are machined
Fit is very good vs the less expensive repro that can be difficult or almost impossible to install without some major tweaking 
(scroll down to see pictures of these small details)

428 CJ Concours Notes:
There are several different versions of drivers side smog emissions tube. The passenger side pretty much stayed the same during production but the drivers side tube had several versions. The main difference between the different versions was how the tube was bent at the check valve end and the shape of the strap. This version is a reproduction of the most common 1969-70 version so it may not match up exactly with your original when you put them side by side. They come painted of Ford Corporate Blue but its not a great match, figure on painting them after installation when painting your entire engine.

1967-68 390 GT, 427, 428 PI Concours Notes:
This reproduction was not copied from the earlier C7SZ-9B445-A and C7ZZ-9B445-C smog tubes. unfortunately the earlier tubes were never reproduced so this set will be the closest available reproduction.

More information about these tubes has been documented on the 428 Cobra Jet Registry


Whats Not Included:
Set of ferrules and nuts to secure them to the head.

Common Questions:
Q: Can I install the tubes with the engine installed?
A: I wouldn't even try. It's very easy to install them if the engine is out of car. If you didn't want to pull the engine completely some owners have told me you can unbolt the motor mounts and jack the engine up enough to install them (not confirmed).

Q: Will the high-temp paint turn black/brown or burn off?
A: Yes, no matter what paint you use the cylinder head ends will turn color or burn. Not much you can do about this.

Q: Does the end of the drivers strap that attaches to the intake go under or over the coil bracket?
A: The smog tube strap goes between the coil bracket and the engine ID tag (see pictures below).



Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Torino, Fairlane, Cyclone, Ranchero
1967 390 GT S-code
1968 390 GT S-code
1968 427-4V GT-E Cougar
1968 428 Cobra Jet
1969 428 Cobra Jet
1969 428 Super Cobra Jet
1970 428 Cobra Jet
1970 428 Super Cobra Jet

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