428 Cobra Jet Smog Hoses

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Description: 428 Cobra Jet Smog System Hoses
Year: 1968-70
Model: Mustang, Shelby
Model Options: All
Engine: 428 CJ, 428SCJ
Quantity: 3 hoses
Date Coded: Yes

Accuracy Rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the only set of reproduction 428 S/CJ smog hoses available today. They fit great and look the part but the ink stamps are not very accurate and are only available with one date code.

The date codes on the hoses are:

  • 1-22-68 (long hose)
  • 3-29-68 (S-hose)
  • 7-27-67 (short hose)

TIP: The correct clamps are the Wittek #9 (holds the hose and diverter bracket), 1 3/16" Wittek tower clamp on the "S" hose and Wittek #7 for the remaining hoses.

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