Carter High Performance X Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

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Description: Carter High Performance X Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
Year: 1967-71
Model: BOSS, Mach 1, Mustang, Shelby GT500
Engine: 289 HP, BOSS 302, Boss 429, 428PI, 428 S/CJ, & 429 S/CJ
Other Known Applications: See below
Quantity: 1 kit

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

Use this kit to rebuild your original production Carter fuel pump on your Boss 302, Boss 429, 428PI, 428CJ or 429 SCJ. This kit will work only on Carter pumps with a screw together body.

We also have the brass fuel line fitting for Boss 302, 428 S/CJ and the larger Boss 429 in stock. 

Scott Hollenbeck put together a How to rebuild your pump web page. Mustang 360 also posted a how to rebuild your water pump page

Other known Ford applications:
428CJ/SCJ (ID # 4441)
BOSS 302 (# 4910)
429CJ (# 4907)
BOSS 429/429SCJ (# 4842)
FE Ford (# 3915S)

Other measurements: Center to center on the diaphragm screw holes is 3.66 inches

Other applications verified by customers who purchased this kit:
4656S AMC (only uses two of the check valves)
GM 350 Mercuiser # 60600
Late sixties AMC High-Performance Carter fuel pump number M6906 (AMX, Javelin)
Volvo Penta marine fuel pump OEM number : 855297 for an engine type AQ 205 4.3l V6 GM 262
*This kit will rebuild other high performance Carter fuel pumps. I measured a few of the key components so you can compare your pumps parts to the pictures.

Related Pictures: Carter High performance fuel pump identification (thank you 428 registry)

Mark or take a picture of the bottom gasket location before removing. You know you didn’t reinstall it correctly if pump doesn’t have any suction.

Todays Gasoline: We recommend using a fuel stabilizer to reduce the ethanol–water separation and potential gumming issues.  I'm in California and I have not had any problems with my fuel pump I rebuilt with this same kit thats been on my Cobra Jet Mustang for years but I always use fuel stabilizer.  This kit is the only one available to rebuild old Carter pumps so we can only warn you about today's ethanol-laced fuels. We recommend that you take every precaution and check your fuel pump before starting your car/boat after being stored for more than a few weeks.

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