Hose Clamps

aka - The Knuckle Bustersspringclamps-v2.jpg

Original production spring clamps used for fuel lines, vacuum lines (1970) and brake booster hoses are different from the ones available today. In the picture of the fuel line clamps you can see the original clamp (left) has longer squared off tips and the reproductions are rounded and shorter. The correct finish for the fuel line clamps is silver paint. The correct booster vacuum hose clamp finish is black enamel paint (finish code S22) per assembly manuals. Ford used this type of clamp for the booster hose until sometime in 1972 when they changed over to one that had shorter squared off tips and then later changed to the round tipped version we see today. If anyone has ever slipped a wrench and hit one of these clamps with their knuckles understands why restores call them the knuckle buster clamp. I would imagine this is why the manufacture of the clamps eventually went to the rounded ends we see today.