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Description: Disc Brake Master Cylinder Nuts
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford, Mercury
Model Options: Power brakes
Engine: All 
Quantity: 2 pc
Finish : Special
Thread: 3/8-16

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

Concours correct locking nuts with a unique red coating are used to secure the master to the brake booster.


1969-70 Concours Notes:
Was the this nut painted black when Bendix painted the master cylinder and brake booster? We do know the master cylinder was painted with the cap in place and that the brake booster was painted with the check valve in place but were they both joined. We do find some evidence that the two components were joined together from the supplier in the assembly manuals. It shows the master and booster as an "assembly" with a part number C9ZA-28195-H for both. If it's an assembly did Bindex paint each component separately and then join the two with the red nuts or was it painted as a complete assembly? I have found a survivor car that Bob Perkins has in his collection that shows remnants of black paint on the nut (see below). At this point in my research I would have to conclude the nut would have been painted by Bendix when they painted the complete assembly. If you have any evidence please forward it and I will update the website. 

1967-68 Brake boosters were manufactured by Midland company and the master cylinder by Bendix. For this reason we think the nut was not painted black. This special special finish would be correct.


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