Dual Exhaust Fuel Sending Unit Extension Wire Harness

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Description: Dual Exhaust Fuel Sending Unit Extension Wire Harness
 1967 GT500, 1969 Mustang/Shelby
Model: Mustang, Shelby GT500
Model Options: All with dual exhaust
Engine: BOSS 302, 351W, 390, 427, 428, 428 CJ, 428SCJ, BOSS 429
Transmission Type: All
Factory: San Jose, Dearborn, Metuchen
Date Range: All
Length: 45.5" 

Quantity: 1
Date Code: None

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is wire harness extends the duel exhaust trunk wire harness across the trunk. The yellow wire has a white line just like the originals. Its held in place in the trunk with assembly tape and vinyl coated clips.  Under the car its held in place with plastic clips. It should also have a ID decal wrapped around it. See pictures of this harness in my car.

Other Related Parts:
Wire extension ID decal
Assembly tape
Vinyl covered clips
Plastic wire O clip (wire feed on body next to gas tank)

1967 Shelby GT500
1969 BOSS 302 Mustang
1969 390 Mustang
1969 428 S/CJ Mustang
1969-70 Shelby GT350
1969-70 428 S/CJ Shelby GT500
1969 BOSS 429 Mustang

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