Front Seat Track Stud - Repair Kit

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Description: Front Seat Track Stud Repair Kit
Assembly Plant: ALL

Model: Mustang, Cougar, Shelby
Model Options: All
Finish Washers: Phosphate and oil (S2)
Stud Specifications: 5/16-18 x 1 7/16"

Quantity: 4 pc (2 studs, 2 stud retaining washers)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

If you've damaged your seat track studs you can replace the special stud with this hardware. Originally the stud was pressed onto the floor plates to hold them in place. This kit comes with a plastic washer that holds the stud in place while you install the seat.

Helpful Tip:
You can remove the old stud by grinding off the tiny lip that's been pressed over the bottom of the seat plate and then driving it out with a hammer. you will have to take the seat tracks apart to remove the stud.

Other Applications:
Torino Bench and Bucket seats
Fairlane  Bench and Bucket seats

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