Grease Fitting Plugs - 10 pack

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Description: Grease Fitting Plugs - 10 pack
Year: 1968-1970

Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Dimensions: 1/4-28
Plating: Zinc
Hardware #: 374714-S
Quantity: 10 per package

Jack's Comments:

These grease fitting plugs were used in place of grease zerk fittings during production. If you’re restoring your car to concours standards, you should have these plugs installed in the following locations:

    • PS control valve (1 required) -see first picture-
    • Lower ball joints (2 required)
    • Upper ball joints (2 required)
    • Upper a-arm shaft (4 required) -see second picture-

TIP: Install standard grease zerks, grease the part, remove the grease zerk, and install this plug.

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