Group 29 Battery ID & Warranty Decal | 1970 BOSS 429

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Description: Group 29 Autolite Battery ID and Warranty Decal
Model: BOSS 429
Model Options: BOSS 429
Engine: BOSS 429
Transmission Type: Manual
Factory: Dearborn Kar Kraft
Engineering #: N/A
Date Range: All
Quantity: 1 decal
Date Code: None
Tag Location: Top of battery

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

Reproduction batteries come with a decal but they are not very accurate and don't have the perforated center oval. This is an exact reproduction of the battery ID and warranty decal with the perforated center oval just like the originals. 

Location: Top center section of the battery between the positive and negative posts.

Concours Notes:
Note 1: Judges will check these decals for correctness on concours restored cars by feeling for the perforations in the oval.
Note 2: Actual decal is shown.


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