Pre-delivery Inspection Service Sheet - 1969

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Year: 1969
Model: Mustang
Condition: Exact Copy of Original
Part #: FORM FD-7841-69 (69=1969)
Date Code: 69

Jack's Comments:

Ed Meyer came by a 1969 inspection sheet marked with pencil in perfect condition. He erased the inspector’s original check marks and made a few copies to have for any future restorations. When your car was inspected at the dealership, they would fill out one of these and include it with your original paperwork. The contents and the layout are a little different from the 1970 sheet.

Note: Ed made these copies so long ago the paper is a little yellowed from age.

1969 Inspection Sheet Instructions:
”Perform the following operations (checks, alignments, replenishments, adjustments, corrections, ETC.) during the pre-delivery inspection. Use the Ford card maintenance and lubrication manual for procedures.
Each item listed on the "Service Sheet" is to be checked off when the operation is completed. Upon completion of the pre-delivery, the sheet is to be signed and dated by the technician performing the pre-delivery.”


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