Rear Axle Paper ID Tags

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Description: Rear Axle Paper ID Tag
Year: 1968-1971

What's the right tag for your car?

Check your build sheet for the right axle code for your car. If you don't have your build sheet, we have made up an axle tag application chart our supplier acquired from Ford, but it doesn't specify any difference between open and locking axles, except for the ones we have verified.

Note: In our experience, the metal axle tag code didn’t match or only partially matched build sheet code because the paper axle tag specified the complete rear axle assembly and the metal tag only specified the third member components.


New available codes verified by build sheets:
1969   9870A  3:00  Torino 428 CJ AT   Locking
1969   9936A  3:25  Talladega AT  Open (metal axle tag) call to order
1969   9978A  3:00  Mustang/Shelby 428 CJ AT Locking (build sheet verified)
1969   9982B  3:91  Shelby GT500       Locking (see build sheet picture below)
1969   9982B  3:91  BOSS 429    Locking (KK1638 build sheet verified)
1969   9983A  4:30  428 S/CJ AT/MT    Locking
1969   9999A  3:25  390 4V Locking (build sheet verified)
1970   981A   3:25   BOSS 302  Locking (build sheet verified)
1970   983A   4:30   BOSS 302 Cougar Eliminator   Locking 
1970   988A   3:00   Mustang 428 CJ  Locking (factory special order ratio)

Q: Where do you install the paper axle tag?
A: Install axle tag right next too or underneath the drivers side inside u-bolt (see pictures of survivor tags).

Q: If my housing flange yellow paint marking is on the passenger side and not the drivers side of the housing what side does the tag go on?
A: The rear axle housing was painted black in a vertical position, resting on the drivers side bearing flange. We know this because the paint runs indicate what end it was on when painted black. We then believe the yellow paint was applied with a brush on the bearing flange while it was on its side (no paint runs). Almost all original examples I've seen have the yellow paint on the drivers side flange and only a few I've seen with it on the passenger side. This leads me to believe it could have been a production line mistake to have it on the passenger side when it was painted. I would also assume the axle tag was applied early in the axle housing sub assembly but not when the housing was on its vertical painting jig. I believe the axle paper tag was put on the drivers side once it was transferred to its axle sub assembly jig. So even if you had the yellow paint code on the passenger side the axle paper tag would been located on the drivers side. Unless you have pictures of your original or others with the yellow paint and axle paper tag on the passenger side I would suggest putting the tag on the drivers side were the judges expect it to be. ~Jack

Terms Ford used in their Marketing for locking rear axles:
Traction-Lok variable friction-load "locking" axle (standard locking rear axle that slips a little during turns)
Detroit Locker "No Spin Axle" for all-out competition (racing axle thats great for road racing but known for its loud clunking noises during turns)

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