Rear Bumper Bracket Neoprene Foam Washer & Seal - 4 pk

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Year: 1969-1970
Model: Mustang & Shelby
Quantity: 1 set (4 pieces)
Dimensions: 0.62 x 1.5 x 2.5 

Jack's Comments:

This foam gasket was used to seal the rear bumper mounting bracket to the body. If you don’t use these, water can leak into your trunk after a rain or washing. Click on the picture above, then go to the second picture to see a set of originals.

TIP: Install so just a little of the washer shows when you’re looking down at the bracket between the bumper and the body. I say this because most concours judges look for it because most restorers fail to install it. I’ve had every MCA judge who judged my car check for them.

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