Rear Tie Down Bracket Mounting Hardware

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Description: Rear Tie Down Bracket Hardware
Model: Mustang, Shelby
Model Options: All duel exhaust equipped cars
Engine: BOSS 302, 351W 4V, 351C, 390, 428 S/CJ, BOSS 429
Transmission Type: All
Factory: Dearborn, Metuchen

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

These kits are made from vintage surplus Ford hardware so they are exactly like the originals. The kit comes with everything you need to attach the rear tie downs to the rear frame rail. If you want to see what the original tie down hardware looks like take a look at our factoid section. You can also buy reproduction tie down brackets from us.  See our Factoid on this part by clicking <here>
Concours notes: It's not uncommon to see survivor cars with only the two bolts that pass through the frame rail to secure the tie down bracket.

Q: What side of the frame rails do the nuts go on?
A: Inside for both sides. The bolt head will be on the outside of the frame rail and the nut will be on the inside of the frame rail.

Q: Would this hardware kit be correct for earlier Mustang tie down brackets?
A: No, they are unique to 1969-1970.

San Jose Built Mustangs Concours Notes:
San Jose built Mustang used a tie down bracket very close to this one but the upper corners were squared off and the tab length was shorter. The mounting hardware was also slightly different. We are working on sourcing the unique hardware so check back with us.

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