Repro Autolite Yellow Top Coil - Date Coded

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Description: Reproduction Autolite Coil with Date Code
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford, Mercury
Model Options: All
Engine: All
Engineering #: FAC-12029-A 
Service: B6A-12029-B, DG-5

Quantity: 1
Date Codes Available: See below

Accuracy Rating: 7
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

New reproduction yellow top coil with silver inked AUTOLITE stamped with date code you specify. We repaint the coil with the correct durable satin flat black catalyzed paint. To make it look even more like factory originals we overspray the lower edge of yellow top insulator.

MCA and SAAC are now deducting for the single date coded sticker version so this is a good option if your original coil is in poor condition. Accepted in all classes of judging except in Survivor and Thoroughbred classes.

Specify your cars year, engine so we can apply the stamp in a location that will be seen when installed. 

Available date codes:
August 1-7 1966
October 1-7 1966
November 1-7 1966
January 1-7 1967
April 1-7 1967
August 1-7 1967
November 1-7 1967
January 1-7 1968
April 1-7 1968
August 1-7 1968
November 1-7 1968
January 1-7 1969
April 1-7 1969
August 1-7 1969
November 1-7 1969
January 1-7 1970
April 1-7 1970
August 1-7 1970
November 1-7 1970
January 1-7 1971
April 1-7 1971
August 1-7 1971
November 1-7 1971
January 1-7 1972 stamped MOTORCRAFT D2AF-12029-AA

*See picture below showing how to read date code 

Common Questions:

Q: Will this coil work with the Pertronix electronic ignition?
Yes, this newest reproduction coil has proven to perform without issues with solid state Pertronix electronic ignition point replacment system.

Q: Whats not the same as original production coils?
A: The yellow color and finish is really close to originals but not exact. Doesn't have date/mold code in between terminal. Metal sleeve at the top of the coil is not as wide as originals although the width of originals vary.

Q: Are the new reproduction coils as bad as the old ones? My old repro coil crapped out on me after only one summer.
A: So far they seem to be very reliable. I wouldn't expect them to be as reliable as the originals. The manufacture says they perform extensive testing before shipping but time will only tell in the end. I will report any issues as our customers give us feedback.

Q: Whats the earliest Autolite stamped coil?
A: See picture below of a coil we found with an October 1966 date code. Exact change over date from the FoMoCo stamped coil is not know.

Q: What is the correct coil location on a 1968 Shelby GT30?
A: Early 1967-68 S2 Aluminum intakes without passenger side coil boss had the coil mounted on the front of the passenger side head. Later S7 aluminum intakes with coil boss were mounted on the passenger side intake terminals forward. The heater hose fitting should be in the 7 o'clock position so not to interfere with the coil wire. The cast iron intakes had a coil boss on the passenger side same as the S7 aluminum intake so the coil is mounted in the same position. ~ Source Tim Lea

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