Service Recommendations Decal 1970

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Description: Service Recommendations Decal
Model: Mustang
Model Options: ALL
Engine: ALL
Transmission Type: ALL
Factory: San Jose, Dearborn, Metuchen
Engineering #: N/A
Date Range: Approximately November 1969 until end of 1970 production
Quantity: 1
Date Code: None
Tag Location: See pictures

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This decal was on all Mustangs in different locations depending on factory and engine option.  Examples would include the top firewall area on the passenger side, the driver side shock tower, the passenger side shock tower, or the driver side inner fender well next to the washer bottle.

This decal was used for most of 1970 production except early production cars. It would be safe to assume that if your car was produced after the first few months of 1970 production (August - September 1969) this decal would be correct for your car.  Sorry, no exact cut-over date is known.

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