Wittek #34 Heat Riser Tube Clamp

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Description: #34 Wittek Heat Riser Tube Clamp (replated original)
Year: 1969-71
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Ford
Model Options: All
Engine: BOSS 302, 429, 429 S/CJ, BOSS 429
Finish: Zinc Dichromate
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Jack's Comments:

This is the famous Wittek 34 clamp. Wittek went out of business years ago. Some vendors purchased some of their remaining stock of heater hose clamps, but nobody has reproduced this one. Before plating the screw, it is separated from the clamp so you get uniform plating.

Beware of some vendors selling the Wittek 69 clamp as the correct one for a Boss 302. It will fit but the screw and clamp is at it's maximum when installed so it looks a little odd. The 69 clamp is not a bad replacement for the very rare 30 clamp used to clamp the Boss 429 anti-backfire can (diverter valve) in place. We have a couple of 69 clamps, as well as a few 34 clamps plated silver zinc for 1971 Boss 351's. Please call us if you are interested in these!

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