1967-70 Front Sway Bar Bushings (15/16")

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Description: 15/16 Inch Front Sway Bar Bushing
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar
Ford Service #: C9ZZ-5493-A Used with sway bar bracket C7ZZ-5486-A
Made In: USA by Dead Nuts On

Quantity: 2 (one pair)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Installation note: Face the slit opening towards the back of the car. The bushing compresses a lot so don't be surprised if they don't seem fit before tightening down the bracket. Silicone spray on the outside of the bushing will also help the bushing to compress uniformly during installation.

Lubrication (optional): 
You can use silicone spray to lubricate the inside of the bushing but its not necessary. DO NOT USE PETROLEUM BASED LUBRICATES

Jack's Comments:

It took a long time but we finally got this bushing right. We couldn't use NOS bushings or worn out distorted originals as examples to recreate this bushing. We ended up copying a never installed production original Ed Meyer acquired from the Kar Kraft factory back in the day. All details have been copied including the two small ribbed lines located on one side. Thank you Ed Meyer and the many other hobbyist who helped me get this bushing Dead Nuts On.

NOS Bushing Notes: If you have NOS C9ZZ-5493-A front sway bar bushings in a Ford bag good luck making them fit. Yes, its a documented fact that most later production Ford service 15/16" sway bar bushing sold in a bag are too small. We have speculated how this could have happened but can't come up with anything solid. We think Ford tried to simplify their service parts inventory and substituted a bushing they had in stock that ended up only fitting on paper or maybe they just miss-bagged them. If you have any insights please contact us and we will post your thoughts.

1967 Mustang & Shelby Notes: Bob Gains has confirmed this sway bar bushing is correct for a 1967 Mustang and Shelby GT350 & GT500.




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