BOSS 429 15/16" Front Sway Bar Brackets

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Description: BOSS 429 15/16 Inch Front Sway Bar Bushing
Model: Mustang BOSS 429
Ford Service Right Side#: C9ZZ-5486-A
Ford Service Left Side#: C9ZZ-5486-B
Finish: Bare Steel

Manufacture: Scott Fuller Reproductions

Quantity: 2 (one pair)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES


This is a perfect concours reproduction of the front sway bar brackets for the BOSS 429 Competition Suspension 15/16" front sway bar. Exactly like the originals in every detail. Stamped and formed...just like the originals...nothing laser cut. 

Concours Notes: 

1) The right and left brackets are slightly different so the factory color coded them with spray paint for easy identification. The right side (passenger side) was sprayed green and the left side (driver side) was sprayed yellow. The size and area of the paint varied. See pictures below of a 1970 BOSS 429 KK2500 we restored.

Use our American made 15/16" front sway bar bushings with these brackets.

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