1969-70 BOSS 429 Power Steering Hose Pump > Insulator | XC9ZX-3A719-I

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Description: Power Steering Hose Pump > Insulator | High-Pressure
Model: Mustang BOSS 429
Engine: BOSS 429

Engineering #: XC9ZX-3A719-I
Service #: C9ZA-3A719-D

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Date Code: None

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the latest Concours reproduction of the high pressure hose that connects to the back of the power steering pump and then routs down to the C8ZA-3494-A hose at insulator. It has the unique double crimped fitting used during 1969-70 production, yellow zinc plating and die stamped engineering number XC9ZX-3A719-I.

This hose cost a lot more than a regular service hose but its the only one on the market that fit, function and look just like factory hose. 

Q: What make this hose not exactly like a production hose?
A: Doesn't have the tiny FORD oval logo stamped next to the engineering number.

Recommended Power Steering Fluid:
NAPA 75-205

1969 Mustang BOSS 429
1970 Mustang BOSS 429

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